Science Lab Policy

Science/Computer Laboratory Policy

Extracted from the School Policy amended in April 2015

The Science laboratory keeps very expensive and dangerous scientific chemicals and objects. It is therefore imperative to note that the Science laboratory needs extra-care as compared to all other centers.

The following precautionary measures will always be followed in the Science Laboratory:
  • The Laboratory shall always be locked when not in use
  • All sorts of mess shall be cleaned immediately after usage of the Laboratory
  • Educators shall always accompany learners visiting the Laboratory. Under no circumstance shall learners be allowed to be in the Laboratory without the educator.
  • Educators shall arrange with the Laboratory supervisor a day before the visit
  • The principal shall appoint both the science laboratory manager on a fair and rotational basis
  • Educators sending their learners to the science lab must accompany them
  • Learners shall perform experiments under strict supervision of the educator
  • Any form of injury should be reported immediately to the office of the Principal
  • No label (either on the apparatus or Cupboards) shall be removed
  • No rehearsal of any kind in the Laboratory
  • Charts must be utilized in the Laboratory only. Educators should not remove charts from the laboratory
  • No chemicals, apparatus etc should be taken to classrooms.
  • The Laboratory Time table shall be observed by all science educators.
  • Touching and/or tasting chemicals is strictly prohibited
  • All apparatus including scales and microscope shall only be utilized in the Laboratory under strict supervision of an educator.
  • Some chemicals are flammable when come into contact with oxygen. Opening chemical bottles is therefore a hazardous activity which must only be done by the teacher after thorough reading of directions and instructions for use.
  • Movement should be minimized in the Laboratory
  • Broken articles should not be touched by any leaner.
  • The teacher in charge of the period shall carry full responsibility of anything happening to learners in the Laboratory.

Computer Laboratory Rules

  • The principal shall appoint computer laboratory manager on a fair and rotational basis
  • Educators sending their learners to the computer lab must accompany them
  • Only Learners registered at Onane Primary School shall gain access to the Computer Laboratory.


  • Computers are provided for use by current students and staff of Onane Primary School only
  • They are not to be used for recreational purposes.

In the computer labs each of the following are not permitted:

  • Eating, drinking or smoking
  • Use of mobile phones. All phones must be switched off or turned to vibrate while you are in the lab 
  • Unsupervised children
  • Tampering with hardware and/or software configurations
  • Downloading, copying or communication of copyright protected material (such as music, videos and software)
  • Any use of games
  • File transfer (FTP) of files not related to study; particularly E-Mailing. 
  • ANY access to offensive, obscene or pornographic material
  • Making anonymous or fake postings to email or newsgroups
  • Harassment of other network users
  • Disruptive behaviour
  • Attaching other equipment in the laboratory i.e. laptop computers etc without permission
  • m. Any violation of the will incur penalties ranging from suspension, to disciplinary review. In the event of such a review, the full range of disciplinary sanctions may be brought against you. These include loss of all computer access privileges, charging for all usage at commercial rates, dismissal from School and legal action. Violation of some of the above rules may constitute a criminal offence.

Additional Notes:

  • Waiting users have the right to use computers left unattended for more than 15 minutes.
  • If the labs are being fully utilized, email users and recreational web browsers may be asked to return at a quieter time. This allows others to complete assignments.
  • Keep the noise level to a minimum. This is a computer lab, not a group discussion area.
  • Report any misuse of these facilities immediately to the Supervisor (Mr. Maile L.F) or the electronics Manager Mr. Sihlangu S.S 
  • Your use of these computing facilities may be monitored to ensure compliance with the above rules.