Library Policy

School Library Policy

Extracted from the School Policy amended in April 2015


The main vision of operating a school library is to encourage, develop and nurture the spirit of life-long reading and make accessible all forms and types of reading materials and resources.

The School library shall therefore be equipped with various books and electronic media to ensure that both learners and educators get information readily available when need be.

Planning and Accountability

The Office of the Principal shall appoint an educator on a fair and rotational basis who will act as a Librarian for a given period. Such an educators shall be referred henceforth as the “Librarian.” The Librarian shall be accountable to the Deputy Principal. S/he shall submit a monthly report on all Library activities to the Deputy Principal without fail.

Among other duties, the Librarian shall draw a Library time-table which would be in line with the School’s General Time Table. The Time Table should be made accessible to all prospective Library users and the Office of the Principal.

Borrowing/ returning Library materials

  • The Librarian shall keep a record of all Materials receive at all times. Such a record should tally with the School’s stock register
  • In case of books and/or materials borrowed to learners and educators, the librarian shall follow all lending procedures and ensure that all materials are returned in good order.
  • Should there be an irregularity on any borrowed material; the Librarian should notify the office of the Principal for necessary measures to be taken.
  • Reference and other valuable books should under no circumstance leave the Library

Usage of the Library

  • No any other educator shall be utilizing the Library as a staffroom. Should this irregularity be discovered, both the Librarian and the defaulter shall be made to account.
  • Only the Librarian shall be allowed to utilize the Library as his/her office.
  • When educators utilize the Library during teaching time, it should be for the benefit of learners.
  • Under no circumstance shall the Library be utilized for any other activity without prior approval of the Principal
  • The Librarian shall manage all materials in the Library including the furniture and teaching and learning media.
  • No material can be removed from the Library without prior approval of the Librarian

Neatness and Cleanliness of the Centre

  • The Library shall always be kept spotlessly clean.
  • Books should be packed neatly on shelves on daily basis.

Library Etiquettes
The Library is a place for study and research. It is the responsibility of all users to maintain a quiet, serene and clean environment in the library. All library users are requested to follow the codes of behaviour listed below.

  • To respect others using the library by minimizing noise and conversation. 
  • To respect the books. Many older books can no longer be replaced. It is expensive or impossible to replace books already in the collection. 
  • To use the bookmarks provided. Marking, highlighting and folding pages can ruin a book. Bookmarks help to prolong the life of the books. 
  • Food and drink can damage books and equipment. Please refrain from eating and drinking in the library. 
  • To respect the sign out policies so colleagues are not inconvenienced. 
  • To sign out books for your own use before removing them from the library.
  • To return books to the library on time or when recalled by the library staff. 
  • To respect the purpose of the library as a research facility by interviewing clients and witnesses in more appropriate locations. 

Shelving Etiquette
Please do not reshelf books or journals. Place them upright on carts or leave them on tables. The Librarian shall reshelf the books if needed.

Cell Phones and Pagers
Electronic communications devices such as cellular phones and pagers are permitted in the library. However, they must be used in a way that avoids disturbing other library users. Electronic devices should be turned to silent or vibrate mode. Any conversation on a cell phone should be held in a private area other than in the library.