Admission Policy


The right of access to basic education and of equal access to Onane Primary School is not only enshrined in the Constitution but it is also a basic tenet of the South Africa school Act 84, 1996 (Act no. 84 OF 1996).

First time admission 

If a child is going to attend school for the first time, or moving to a new school, then registration forms should be collected from the first day of Term 2,  and be returned by not later than  31 May of that year.

It is advisable to return the forms within a day or two because admissions will be treated on a first come – first served basis, assuming that all other critical aspects are met. All parents/ guardians should complete their details in their own handwriting on the forms.

Age Requirement

Grade R 

A child shall be admitted in grade R if he or she is 4 years old, and provided that shall turn 5 years on or before 30 June that academic year.

Grade 1 

A child shall be admitted in grade 1 if he or she is 5 years old and provided that shall turn 6 years on or before 30 June that academic year.

Any Other Grade

A child who is older than 16 years and requires admission for the first time shall be referred to an ABET centre. The SASA requires that ordinary public schools should admit learners with special needs where it is reasonably practical.

Documents Required 

 In order to register the child the following documents are needed:

  • Transfer and or
  • Last school’s progress report card.
  • Certified copy of Immunization card.
  • Certified Birth certificate or acceptable proof of birth.
  • Certified copy of Parent’s ID
  • 2 coloured Passport photos (learner)
  • Grade R & 1 – student card/ name tag

Waiting Register 

A waiting Register would be utilised and parents would be informed of learner’s position on the list. Such parent would be informed by the end of November whether the child is accepted at the school or not. The school must be informed immediately in case the parent decline the place offered at the school so as to allow the school to give the place to other learners.

The following may not be used as pre-conditions for admission of learners. 

  • Payment of a registration/ admission fee.
  • Signing of and undertaking that you will pay the school fees as indicated.
  • Payment of some of the school fees straight away.
  • Signing that you subscribe to the mission statement of the school.
  • Administering of a test before admitting your child.