As a PARENT, I promise to:

  • involve myself actively in the activities of the school, including school governance structures;
  • have regular discussions with my children about general school matters;
  • cultivate a healthy, open and cooperative relationship with my children's teachers;
  • create a home environment that is conducive to studying;
  • assist in the protection of educational resources such as textbooks, chairs, tables and other objects; and
  • to contribute, within my means, the necessary resources to the schooling of my children.

Parents' Responsibilities and Code of Conduct 

  • The ultimate responsibility for learners’ behaviour rests with their parents or guardians.
  • It is expected that parents will support the school, and require learners to observe all school rules and regulations and accept responsibility for any misbehaviour on their part. And
  • Take an active interest in their children’s schoolwork and make it possible for the children to complete assigned home activities, projects etc.
  • Parents should attend meetings that the governing body and teachers convene for them.
  • Parents and guardians are obliged to see to it that their children go to school everyday. Failure to do so may result in the Head of Department taking legal actions against them