School Attendance

Learners School Attendance

  • Learners shall attend school regularly.
  • Should a learner be absent from school. The parents shall report in writing to the principal.
  • Educators shall investigate all cases of absenteeism.
  • In the event of the learner being absent for three consecutive days without furnishing the school with reason for absence, the educator shall send a letter to the parents to enquire about reasons for the absence.
  • If there is no response to this letter after five days, second letter would be sent to the parents.
  • If after five more days there is no reaction on the part of the parents and the learner is still absent a FINAL letter would be sent to the parents.
  • Failure to respond to the final letter, the matter will be reported to the Provincial Head of Department and a recommendation be made that the learner be withdrawn from the school attendance register.

Learners' Entertainment, Tours and Excursions

The main objective is to encourage learning through exploration and to make learning an entertaining adventure.

This could be attained through organising very educative and entertaining tours, trips and excursions which will provide learners with an opportunity to learn while they entertain themselves.

In order to make possible the initiative, the committee shall upholde the guideline on tours and excursions as inacted in the School policy and take the following into serious consideration.