• Most activities are based on IsiNdebele and Sepedi cultures
  • Cultural attire, Poems, dances, dramas,folklore are offered

Leadership Development

  • Young leaders are groomed to become role models
  • Research and Reporting, Prefect Programme, Group leading

Indoor Sports

  • Sports played for both Competition and Entertainment
  • Chess, Monopoly, Scrabble, Pool, Table Tennis offered 

Outdoor Sports

  • Athletics, Netball, Girls-Soccer, Volleyball, Soccer, Drum Majorettes

Indigenous Games

  • Various indigenous games including  Diketo, Morabaraba, Kgati, Moruba and Khokho a played by both girls and boys depending on cultural ethics and rules.

Remedial Programme

  • Learners with serious learning barriers subjected to special remedial programmes and referals made where possible to enhance learning.


  • Internal: Live perfromances of dramas, Choral Music, Modern dance, beauty contests
  • External: Educational tours and excursizons, subjects tours and institutional visitations